GOW-MAC Instrument Company's Series 1200 Gas Analyzer measures trace amounts of nitrogen in argon. Three instrument selections encompass varying analytical ranges: Model 1200-A for 0-2/0-20 ppm, Model 1200-B for 0-20/0-200 ppm and newly added, the Model 1200-C for 0-10/0-100 ppm. Detection is based on spectral emission of argon plasma giving the Series 1200 the guaranteed sensitivity of 10 parts-per-billion (ppb) for nitrogen.
Engineered as a rugged, low cost, low maintenance instrument, the Series 1200 is a simple to operate analyzer. There are no valves, carrier gas, or radioactive source. Features include a non-depleting cell for extended operation providing long, maintenance-free life; On-line, continuous trending of nitrogen concentration with no need for sample injection or separation columns; Exposure to atmosphere or high impurity concentrations does not result in damage to the analytical cell; Rapid recovery is enhanced by the unique detector design (the detector utilizes our patented electro-optical modulation for eliminating unwanted noise and drift, and generating a modulated signal without the use of a mechanical chopper); Over-range protection eliminates possibility of false readings caused by high impurity plasma quenching.
Relevant applications include air separation plants, argon purification plants, cryogenic truck loading stations, specialty gas laboratories, process control, new line certification, steel manufacturing, chemical plants, gas management/monitoring systems, quality control for truck fills & gas cylinders, welding gas management, semiconductor manufacturing, and many more.