GOW-MAC Instrument Company, a leading manufacturer of gas analysers and compressed gas handling equipment, has introduced its new process oriented Series AR710 and AR720 Gas Analysers to the market.

Complete with High Frequency Argon Discharge Ionization Detector (HFADD), the analysers are offered as turnkey systems designed and optimised specifically for the analysis of trace impurities (such as H2, N2, O2, CH4, CO and CO2) in argon down to the part-per-billion (ppb) range.

Two configurations are available depending upon the impurities being measured, while sensitivities of < 15 ppb can be measured.

Features include laminar low volume flow system, hands-free operation, VCR® fittings to ensure leak-free connections, mass-spec leak tested valves, pre-installed, pre-tested analytical column(s) with chromatogram, and rapid start-up.

The analysers are available with options such as 4-20 mA output, auto zero, and either bench mounted or 19” rack mounted for easy installation in any panel.

The AR710 or AR720 units are ideal instruments for specialty gas manufacturers, industrial processes requiring inert argon, the electronics industry, gas separation plants, metal-treating industry, certification of argon purity, the semiconductor industry, and air separation plants, to name just a few applications.

GOW-MAC Instrument Co. is a leading manufacturer of high performance analytical instruments, with its gas chromatographs (GCs), gas analyser packages and specialty gas handling equipment used throughout the world by a wide variety of customers.