With 40 years of manufacturing and sales as GOW-MAC Instruments Co. (Ireland) Ltd, the Irish company has now changed its name to AGC Instruments Ltd following the successful management buyout by the present management team.

AGC will produce gas chromatographs, gas analysers, thermal conductivity, patented discharge ionisation and argon discharge detectors, and hot wire filaments.

With the planned research and development investment planned in 2007, the company is looking to the Pacific Rim and Americas markets with particular emphasis in turnkey capabilities.

Marcus Creaven, sales director says: "Exciting times are ahead for AGC, as we can now focus and deal personally with the many Industrial, Electronic, Speciality gas manufacturers, coupled with our petrochemical and pharmaceutical customers also around the globe. We are putting a strong emphasis into local ground support, particularly in Europe, Middle East and South East Asian markets, to provide application and technical backup that is so important to our customers."

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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