The Gow-Mac Instrument Company has introduced a new analyser to it’s well respected selection of gas chromatograph devices, with the release of the new Series 200DID gas chromatograph providing a solution for optimised ppb analysis of non-corrosive and corrosive gases.

This instrument employs Gow-Mac’s patented discharge ionisation detector (DID) and offers application specific system configurations, as well as being computer controlled using a keypad with vacuum fluorescence graphical display. The GC features continuous, unattended operation, packed or micro-packed columns, automated valve control and two modes of operation for either method development and research, or process analysis.

Relevant applications include Grade 6 electronic gases, Grade 6 inerts, Grade 5 UHP quality gases, air, and high purity gas mixtures for laser applications among many others.

Gow-Mac is a leading manufacturer of gas analysis instrumentation and specialty gas handling equipment, offering a wide range of analytical and gas chromatography devices for the industry.