The GOW-MAC Instrument Company has been named as a supplier to the Total Pole Airship expedition, providing the Model 20-600 Portable Binary Gas Analyzer for helium purity measurements.

The expedition, taking place March to June 2008 and led by Dr Jean-Louis Etienne, “…will measure the thickness of the pack ice while crossing the whole Arctic Ocean. The frozen expanse is seriously threatened by global warming. The expedition will explore the pack ice in an airship, the ideal vehicle to carry the special measuring apparatus and to cover the vast area to be surveyed. The data collected will serve as a benchmark for monitoring the impact of our way of life on the climate of the planet.”

A 6-man crew will be float across the ice pack using a Russian AU30 airship. This airship will be filled with 5,500-cu.m of inert and non-flammable helium.

GOW-MAC’s Model 20-600 Portable Binary Gas Analyzer will be used to measure the purity of the helium employed by the dirigible. The analyzer is ideally suited for its task. It is specifically engineered for the quantitative measurement of numerous binary gas mixtures, such as helium in air.

The rugged, battery operated instrument is perfect for on-site gas measurement and features dual range calibration, AC or rechargeable battery operation, and can be customized for a user’s particular application.