Grand Gulf Energy has today (29th June) reported multiple well-head samples consistently in the range of 0.44% - 0.65% helium from its Jesse1#A well.

These Jesse1#A samples came from the Australian firm’s Red Helium Project, located in Utah.

Carbon dioxide concentrations in the range of 59%-65% were significantly lower than pre-drill expectations of 85%, which is a material positive to the project economics, with the bulk of the remaining gas being nitrogen.

Grand Gulf Energy has said the work-over rig has now been de-mobilised to allow the technical team to develop the appropriate well design to enable gas production.

Planning and equipment resourcing is currently underway to re-enter and test the well, with a potential schedule that supports early to mid Q3 2022.

Dane Lance, Managing Director of Grand Gulf Energy, said, “Helium grades above expectation and the identification of a working helium reservoir at appreciable pressure confirm a helium discovery at the Red Helium Project.”

“Jesse#1A is essentially a wildcat well in a new prospect and the company is thrilled with the outcome and looks forward to the design and implementation of a well configuration that will potentially facilitate the flow of raw gas to surface.”