A Grasis-designed mobile nitrogen unit has been successfully put into operation on the Tarasov oilfield of the Purov region, Russia. Owned by Rosneft-Purneftegas, the МVА-250-99 membrane unit is designed as a safety measure to be used in stations for transporting and processing of hydrocarbons.

The Grasis air-nitrogen unit was designed and built taking into account the hard requirements of organizations such as Rosneft-Purneftegas. The station functions fully automatically and allows work to be conducted in three modes: receipt of nitrogen, receipt of compressed air and receipt of the compressed air for the control and checking of equipment devices. The air-nitrogen unit is produced in building block construction and climatic form which allows the unit to be used in the severe weather of Siberia and the far north. The temperature range of the units is from -50 °С to +40 °С.

The finished product uses some of the last technological achievements from its designers, Grasis. Among them the automatically managed system of air compression which adapts to the temperature of air outside of the station.

Grasis is a leading producer of industrial options for gas production and separation based on hollow-fiber membrane and adsorption technologies in the CIS. The company is one of the largest producers of air-separation equipment in Europe.