Pursuant to the contract made, CJSC Grasys has supplied OJSC Prokopyevskugol with a mobile nitrogen station in the MA series, designated for mine inerting upon depletion.

The mobile nitrogen station will be used at the Krasnaya Gorka mine in the Kemerovo region and is rated to produce 280 nm3/hr of 99% nitrogen.

Grasys nitrogen stations in the MA series are light-weight, fully automated and ultimately mobile, incorporating the most advanced membrane technology of air separation. This helps the company make its stations both compact (all station equipment is installed on a single platform in a standard container) and high-capacity, without sacrificing the fundamentals of reliability, ease of maintenance and operation.

Stations are installed in a heated container which allows for operation in various climatic zones, including regions with cold and moderate microclimate. Mobile nitrogen stations may be provided truck-mounted for transportation to any required work site.

Today, Grasys is one of the largest and most reputable companies in the field of gas separation and is also one of the world leading manufacturers of membrane and adsorption plants for nitrogen and oxygen production, hydrogen concentration, and gas mix control.