Grasys has revealed that it has supplied a mobile nitrogen station for the Usinsk Refinery in Russia, a station designated for ensuring compliance with oil refinery process requirements.

The mobile membrane station is designed for production of 160 nm³/h of 99.5% nitrogen.

The station control is made ultimately simple and convenient allowing operation by personnel with no special skills. In manufacture of its mobile nitrogen station, Grasys has ensured that the most up-to-date technologies, reliable and efficient equipment were put to good use.

The station is installed in a heated insulated block box making its operation possible in various climatic zones, including the severe conditions of Siberia and the Far North. The station temperature range is − 50°С to + 50°С. The station efficiently combines the benefits of compactness (the block box have the overall dimensions of 12×2.5×2.5 m) and high reliability, serviceability and simplicity of operation.

The series of membrane stations produced by Grasys includes nitrogen equipment with various technical characteristics, optimally selected to match the operating company requirements.

The capacity of the stations ranges between 100 and 5,000 nm³/hr, nitrogen purity is 90 to 99.5%, product gas pressure — up to 400 atm.

Meanwhile in addition to the mobile nitrogen station, Grasys has supplied the Usinsk Refinery with a modular compressor station for production of liquefied instrument air installed in a block box with the dimensions of 6×2.5×2.5 m.