Grasys has struck gold and won the tender held by JSC Vasilkovsky Mining and Processing Complex for the supply of a large-scale oxygen adsorption plant, designated for the 8MTPA rated gold recovery plant currently under construction in the Vasilkovskoye field of Kazakhstan.

The general contractor under the project is TOMS Industrial KZ and the oxygen adsorption plant will be used to support the technological process, based on the innovative procedure of concentrate reactor oxidation - instead of the previously used bacterial oxidation technology. The proposed cutting-edge technology is more cost-effective, reliable and environment-friendly when compared with the bacterial oxidation process.

Grasys’s successful tender is thought to have been attributed to the superior performance characteristics of its equipment and optimal delivery term, with its extensive market experience and proven records of successful implementation of technically complex projects for gas separation equipment manufacture also considered to be an important factor.

Pursuant to the contract entered into with JSC Vasilkovsky Mining & Processing Complex, Grasys has started the development and manufacture of an oxygen adsorption plant with the rated capacity of 1,800 nm³/hr and oxygen purity of 90%. The projected plant will be extremely simple in operation and will require no continuous monitoring due to its complete automation.

As one of the world leading manufacturers of membrane and adsorption plants for oxygen and nitrogen production, hydrogen concentration and gas mix control, Grasys produces a wide range of adsorption oxygen systems and has extensive experience in the utilisation of such technology in various applications.