Pursuant to a recent contract, Grasys is to supply a large-scale nitrogen system for the OJSC Kosogorsk Metallurgical Plant (OJSC KMZ) in Tula, Russia.

OJSC KMZ is one of Russia's leading producers of high-grade pig iron, ferrum manganese, industrial and art castings. The generator system to be supplied will be used for generation of inert environment in the gas-dynamic isolation bells during blast furnaces operation, as well as in the gas treatment systems.

The membrane nitrogen plant is designed to produce 95% gaseous nitrogen from atmospheric air, at 2,000 nm³/hr, and was manufactured with the adoption of the state-of-the-art membrane air separation technology. Operating in a fully automatic mode with automated support and control of working parameters, no manned attendance is required for the plant.

Membrane plants for nitrogen production are finding an increasingly wider use at metallurgical, chemical and petrochemical plants, in the food industry, at oil & gas complexes, and in many other sectors.