Grasys has revealed that it is to supply four large nitrogen plants with a total capacity of more than 4,500 nm3/hr of 99% nitrogen to CJSC Vankorneft, with the supply effective under a contract entered between the companies and the equipment of this class thought to be the first of its kind produced in Russia and the CIS.

The largest plant will be capable of producing nitrogen at a rate of 300 nm3/hr and the plants will be used at the site for the assurance of explosion and fire safety and ensuring compliance with process requirements.

The supply is to be effected under the contract entered into with CJSC Vankorneft, a subsidiary of OJSC NK Rosneft, for the development and manufacture of several membrane and adsorption nitrogen plants designated for use in the Vankorskoye field.

As part of the project, another nitrogen plant capable of 6,600 nm3/hr is to be supplied and will consist of two parallel lines, producing nitrogen with two different purity parameters. At the 99% purity level, the capacity will be 6,600 nm3/h, and at 99.98% - 2,000 nm3/ hr. Nitrogen pressure will be 5 atm.

The designed plant will be extremely simple in operation and will require no constant control due to its full automation.

Grasys has also won the tender held by CJSC Vankorneft for the supply of equipment for inerting process tanks for oil and Vankor intermediate water. The Vankorskoye field is a large capital project and one of the main projects of OJSC NK Rosneft. The cost of the Vankor design project is estimated at $6bn, and the expected oil production rate is ca. 25 million tpy.