UK climate-tech company Levidian is advancing its hydrogen ambitions after becoming a member of Hydrogen UK – a group of businesses focused on the scaling up and adoption of hydrogen across the country.

Using its rapid decarbonisation device, known as LOOP, Levidian harnesses plasma technology to split methane into its constituent atoms of carbon and hydrogen. 

The carbon can be permanently stored or ‘locked’ into graphene, a high performing nanomaterial used across a range of sectors, whereas the hydrogen can be either used immediately or stored for later use. 

Earlier this year Levidian provided the UK’s National Grid with a LOOP device as part of research designed to boost the country’s ability to transport and use hydrogen. 

By using the green graphene to reinforce the existing gas pipe network, the organisation can increase the amount of hydrogen that it is capable of transporting, in addition to making the pipeline less likely to crack. 

Source: Levidian

Commenting on its new membership, John Hartley, Chief Executive, Levidian, said, “We’re delighted to be working with Hydrogen UK to support the scaling up and commercialisation of hydrogen, which is critical to reducing our global carbon emissions.” 

“By focusing on the carbon impact of hydrogen, rather than the specific technologies used to create it, Levidian believes the UK can unlock the massive potential of the hydrogen sector.” 

By working with Hydrogen UK and focusing on carbon footprint for hydrogen categorisation, the company hopes to help develop the Government’s Low Carbon Hydrogen Standard. 

Revealed in its Energy Security Strategy released earlier this year, the UK Government emphasised the importance of new technologies to double the ambition of reaching up to 10GW (gigawatts) of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030. 

“Levidian’s arrival comes hot on the heels of a rush of new members, making HUK the largest trade association for the industry in the UK, and marking the critical role of hydrogen in the country’s net zero future,” stated Clare Jackson, CEO, Hydrogen UK.