MMEX Resources has been given the green light to develop its Pecos County, West Texas UltraClean Refinery project, equipped with carbon capture technologies.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality last week (18th Feb) gave approval for the site that will develop a clean refining, 10,000 barrel per day facility at MMEX’s Pecos County site to produce 87° gasoline, ultra-low sulphur diesel, and low-sulphur fuel oil.

Integrated carbon capture technology is set to slash emissions at the site, making the development the first greenfield refinery project to implement such technology in the US to be authorised through permit by rule.

As a result of this, the site is projected to substantially reduce greenhouse gas and criteria pollutants compared to exiting US oil refineries on a per barrel basis.

Jack Hanks, President and CEO of MMEX Resources, said, “We announced on December 8, 2021, that along with Polaris Engineering, we had completed significant milestones on the technology timeline for our UltraClean Refinery project.”

“Along with Polaris, we have now completed 100% of the front-end engineering and design package. With the guidance of Trinity Consultants and Polaris Engineering we filed our application with TCEQ and received approval on February 18, 2022, to build and operate the complete facility.”

“In addition, we have signed letters of intent with an international trading company to supply the crude oil and to purchase the finished products from the refinery. Achieving these significant milestones have allowed us to move forward with planned financing and commercial arrangements.”