Thailand is ‘chipping-in’ to the global drive towards environmentally sustainable refrigeration, air conditioning and propellant gases with its latest infrastructural move.

The boost comes in the form of a Mini Liquid Hydrocarbon - Splitter Processing Plant which is to be located on the eastern seaboard of the country. Experts anticipate that the sizeable addition will help meet the rapidly growing demands for High Grade Pure Hydrocarbon refrigerants and propellants throughout South East Asia and worldwide.

“After lengthy planning, Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) approval of the Asian Green Fluids Company Limited (AGF Co., Ltd.) hydrocarbon processing plant project is a critical milestone that will bring valuable benefits and certainty,” commented Dr Thierry Lefevre, Director of the Centre for Energy Environment Research and Development Co., Ltd in Thailand.

Dr Lefevre went on to add, “The interest being shown by investors will ensure the project is constructed within the expected timeframe, with work expected to commence on the site in the upcoming months. With total estimated investment of nearly $35m US dollars, or over 1bn Baht, this is a significant project for the industry that recognises the need to move beyond current reliance on ozone depleting and powerful global warming fluorocarbon refrigerant gases.”

“Hydrocarbon refrigerants have a central role to play in achieving the massive climate benefits of phasing out harmful fluorocarbon refrigerants, and much greater investment is needed to meet the projected global volumes that will be required to provide genuinely climate friendly cooling solutions,” concluded the energy expert.