Leading transmission system operator OGE is working with green hydrogen company Tree Energy Solutions (TES) on the installation of a carbon dioxide (CO2) transport pipeline which will be re-used in a circular closed-loop system as a carrier to transport green hydrogen to be used in other industries.

Announced yesterday (April 4th), the strategic partnership will see OGE constructing a 1000km long pipeline network – beginning from a green gas import terminal to be built by TES in Wilhelmshaven, Germany – that will have a transport volume of around 18m tonnes of CO2 per year. 

Stating that a CO2 infrastructure is required to achieve climate targets, Dr. Jorg Bergmann, CEO, OGE, said, “We must invest in renewable energies and above all hydrogen but also offer a solution to industries in Germany that need to capture and utilise their CO2 emissions.” 

To gain further support for the project, the partners are currently in conversation with representatives of notoriously hard-to-abate sectors such as steel and cement producers, power plant operators and chemical plant operators. 

Referring to the pipeline network as a way to support the closed-loop circularity strategy, Paul van Poecke, Founder and Managing Director, TES, ensured that CO2 can be kept within the TES cycle and that greenhouse gas emissions are avoided. 

With industries such as the cement sector contributing to 7% of global carbon emissions, decarbonisation of industry through carbon capture is seen as a vital component of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.