Greyrock Energy, a company transforming natural gas into premium transportation fuels, today announced a partnership with Expander Energy Inc. to deploy gas-to-liquids (GTL) facilities in Alberta, British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada.

Expander Energy is a privately held energy company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that deploys and has developed technologies that produce ultra clean transportation fuels that complement existing transportation fuel infrastructureand current engine technologies.

Fuels produced by Expander projects will enable a reduction in greenhouse gasemissions and are produced from carbon rich materials primarily natural gas, biomass, bitumen residuals and petcoke.  Some of Expander’s investors and management team were previously principals with Colt Engineering Corporation, which was sold to WorleyParsons in 2007.

As part of the relationship, Greyrock and Expander will work to deploy small-scale gas-to-liquids plants in Canada using Greyrock’s core technology and using Expander technology for enhancing GTL by optimising diesel fuel production yields.  These facilities will produce premium synthetic diesel fuel from natural gas or natural gas liquids. Modular gas conversion can be achieved from a variety of abundant gas sources, including natural gas, natural gas liquids (such as ethane), stranded gas resources and associated gas.  Expander has also invested in Greyrock’s Houston-based GTL project previously announced. 

“Greyrock is excited to announce our partnership with the Expander team and look forward to building a portfolio of GTL and other XTL project together,” said Robert Schuetzle, Chief Executive Officer for Greyrock. 

“The Expander team has worked for several years on technologies for converting various hydrocarbons into clean transportation fuels and we look forward to working with Greyrock on deployment of GTL facilities using Greyrock’s GreyCat™ catalyst, dGTL™ process, and leveraging Expander technologies for enhancing diesel fuel production yields,” said James Ross, Chief Executive Officer of Expander Energy.