Productos del Aire de Guatemala, Grupo Infra’s and Grupo Fabrigas’ joint venture operation in the Central America country, has announced a successful first semester of operation of its new air separation unit (ASU).

The plant, designed and built by Cosmodyne, is supplying liquid oxygen, nitrogen and high purity argon to meet the fast growing market demand of Central America.

The Poplar-12 ASU plant was commissioned last August, and produces 200 tpd of liquids. The specified power is comparable to larger plants, and taking into account that it is being supplied by its own hydroelectric power, is providing a cost-efficient operation that allows the group to offer competitive prices for countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Salvador, Belize, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Colombia.

Additionally, the ASU is capable of producing 7 TMD of argon with less than 1 PPM of oxygen in argon product to meet the special market requirements for high purity argon.

The ASU strengthens Grupo Infra’s position as the leading industrial and medical gases supplier in Mexico and Central America.

Infra/Air Products, through joint ventures in the region, are ready to meet the increasing demands of customers across Central America and the Caribbean – from the growing health sector in Panama and Costa Rica, to the steel sector in Guatemala, and electronics in El Salvador.