Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) Ltd, the LED-based nondispersive infrared (NDIR) detector specialist, has launched its new SprintlR6s.

GSS’ SmartIR™ technology has enabled the company to create a sensor that can take up to 20 readings per second, which is a world record for NDIR CO2 detectors, and has a six times faster response rate than the current SprintIR.

Ralph Weir, GSS’ CEO, explained, “With the new SprintIR6S, we’ve also minimised the sample volume down to only 2ml, which enables us to achieve our fastest ever response rates. This puts us in a unique position to open whole new application areas for CO2 monitors that could never be addressed by slow responding sensors based on traditional IR sources.”

Applications for this new class of CO2 sensors include health where they can capture rapidly changing CO2 concentrations in the breathing cycle to provide diagnostic information, which can be used in fitness testing, breath analysis/measurement, capnography, sports science and veterinary to name a few. In Industrial health and safety applications, such as factories where CO2 is used for modified atmospheres to delay packaged food from spoiling, they can provide ultra-fast detection of rising CO2 levels. Even a doubling or tripling of normal CO2 levels can affect concentration and productivity with higher levels having increasingly deleterious effects on health right up to unconsciousness and death.

At less than a cubic inch (23.8mm in diameter and 24mm tall), the SprintIR6S operates at between 3.25 and 5.5V, with a power consumption of only 35MW. The SprintIR6S is available in measurement ranges from 0% to 100%.

GSS will be revealing the new SprintIR6S detectors at the Sensor + show in Nuremberg, Germany from 30th May-1st June 2017.



Source: Gas Sensing Solutions