Scottish technology firm Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) has launched a revolutionary new low power carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor to the market.

The CozIR-Blink is designed to be powered down completely between measurements. GSS said this enables customers to individually manage the power consumption based on their needs and application.

The sensor can be turned on when a reading is required and then turned completely off when not in use.

Additionally, the CozIR-Blink features both Digital (UART) and I2C Interface output and is capable of taking measurements of up to 1% CO2 concentration.

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Source: Gas Sensing Solutions

John Fuller, GSS Strategic Projects Director, said, “We are delighted to launch this new and innovative product to our line of low power carbon dioxide sensors.”

“Our market research indicated that our customers – particularly those in HVAC and IAQ applications – really need a low power sensor that excels over what is already on the market.”

“With the CozIR-Blink, users are able to not only configure the power consumption of the sensor based on their needs, but the ability to switch the sensor off completely between measurements allows for the sensor to run off a 3.6v lithium cell battery for 10 plus years.”