UK-based manufacturer Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) has launched a new carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor in response to market demands for more compact, slimline models.

The latest generation of sensor is a smaller version of GSS’ current CozIR – the CozIR LP – with a physical volume of 85% less than the envelope of its predecessor.

Cozir lp small size hands holding sensor cut out copy

Source: Gas Sensing Solutions


It features SmartIR LED-based technology and operates at two samples per second, only requiring a peak pulse current of 33 milliamperes (mA).

Ralph Weir, GSS CEO, explained, “This new sensor release represents the next node of the evolving GSS leadership CO2 sensor roadmap and offers an dideal upgrade path for space sensitive and evolving battery-powered wireless applications.”

“With every iteration, we try to improve every possible facet – this is a far more streamlined design, losing none of the performance whilst adding a greater flexibility for our customers who are seeking smaller components.”

The new instrument is aimed at heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), building control and indoor air quality applications.