Gas Turbine Controls (GTC), a leading supplier of replacement parts, repair services, training, and field services for classic GE power plant control systems, is preparing to unveil a new logo and company branding concurrent with its growth and entry offering additional GE product lines.

Known worldwide for its large stock of GE Speedtronic circuit boards for turbine control and excitation systems for gas and steam turbine equipment, GTC already made a name for itself in the power generation industry, thanks to the consistent exceptional reliability and responsiveness to its customer base.

The rebranding of GTC communicates a vibrant, relevant and easily recognizable company image, reinforcing its leadership across the broad number of industries utilising its products and services, and embracing its growth beyond the original scope.

In 2015, the company plans to expand into other industries through asset acquisitions, business development efforts and renewed marketing strategies.

“Our company is always looking forward, seeking out the opportunities that will fuel future revenue and growth for many decades to come,” said Lisa Delliacono, Director of Marketing at GTC. “Our new branding shows that GTC is committed to support operators of classic GE controls and is not afraid to evolve and expand to wherever our products and services are needed.”

Delliacono recently joined GTC to direct the company’s marketing efforts and communicate value that can lead to new business relationships in the power generation industry and beyond.

The GTC rebranding includes a new logo, company theme and colours, and a new engaging website providing customers easy search capability for additional value, technical resources and communication channels.

Gas Turbine Controls’ company rebranding was showcased yesterday at the Western Turbine Users, Inc. (WTUI) group meeting and expo in Long Beach, California – which runs until 18th March.