Guanggang Gas (G-gas) has completed the acquisition of Linde Carbon Dioxide Company.

Completed at the beginning of February (2020), the acquisition presents G-gas with new carbon dioxide products, complementing its existing product line.

In a statement, G-gas said the products will help improve its product supply chain, serve the needs of customers and help develop its electronic ultra-pure bulk gas business.

A carbon dioxide plant located in Wuhu is also included in the acquisition. The facility is in the core area of the “Wanjiang City Belt”, radiating the entire East China regional market, with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tonnes of industrial and food-grade CO2.

The factory uses Huayi Chemical Company’s CO2-containing tail gas as raw material, which complies with the national emission reduction and green recycling economy environmental protection policies.

As part of its next steps, G-gas will establish a business team to promote the increase in CO2 production and sales, expand the local and surrounding markets.

G-gas will also plan the original dry ice investment project and develop other gas product businesses such as rare and electronic gases to enrich is business varieties. 

The Wuhu plant will be developed in combination with G-gas Chuzhou and Shanghai to leverage the company’s synergies in Anhui and East China to enhance the gas brand of G-gas.