Dubai-based industrial and medical gas solutions company Gulf Cryo uses its product packaging techniques, such as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to help prolong product shelf-life through food preservation.

By utilising MAP, air contained inside packaging is replaced with a gas or gas mixtures such as nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). A blend of the two gases is used to enable the carbonation of beverages. 

Other sectors of the food and beverage industry – such as chilled and frozen food – require fast freeze rates and additional chilling solutions offered by cryogenics. 

Using liquid nitrogen (LN2) and CO2, the company provides enhanced preservation potential over traditional mechanical freezers for chilled and frozen foods. 

Commenting on its efforts in food-grade gases, Georgios Beretsos, COO, Gulf Cryo, said, “The food industry is highly competitive, and to truly maximise the return on investment it’s crucial for industry professionals to reduce costs and increasing production efficiency.” 

“At Gulf Cryo, we are perfectly placed to deal with such challenges, and we look back on a proud history of manufacturing and distributing pioneering products and innovative solutions that shaped the industry for more than 65 years.” 

The company also provides dry ice (solid CO2) solutions for industries where transportation requirements are more challenging, such as long-distance food and beverage transport, healthcare (vaccine transport).