To introduce new hydrogen (H2) technologies to Oman as part of a ‘Hydrogen Initiative’, the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the German company Hydrogen Rise AG.

The MoU was signed by Dr.-Ing. Bernd Wiemann, CEO of Hydrogen Rise, Olav Carlsen, Chief Financial Officer (CEO) and by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Modigell, Rector of GUtech. 

“H2 produced with renewable energy is now increasingly part of the global vision to create new businesses and new solutions to address climate change. We look forward to working together with GUtech. The final goal of our cooperation is a more detailed plan to introduce H2 based energy solutions and to support the building of academic, technological and economic H2 expertise here in Oman,” said Dr.-Ing. Bernd Wiemann. 

H2 can store and provide energy in a widely useable form, and it is one of the most promising alternative fuels for future energy applications. It can be produced pollution-free and without carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Most recently, the summit of the European Union energy ministers was dedicated to H2 and energy storage solutions and the ministers highlighted the potential of H2 technologies for the energy transition.

The cooperation between GUtech and Hydrogen Rise focuses on the joint development and execution of H2 technologies in Oman. This initiative includes the analysis, presentation and communication of the suitability of H2 based energy solutions for Oman. The joint activities address the evaluation and description of specific H2 applications while raising the overall awareness of the potential of H2

“H2 technologies play an essential role in the future of the global energy, metal, chemical and mobility industry. Our cooperation with Hydrogen Rise focuses on the research and communication of the potential contribution of H2 to Oman`s economic diversification efforts and the new employment opportunities that come with it. At the same time we are interested in the analysis of new academic fields in the area of Hydrogen Technology and Economics,” said Prof. Dr.-Ing.

“Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of H2 – in academic research, H2 production processes, storage and applications,” said Dr. Wiemann.

“We are pleased that governments and industry leaders around the world develop programs, new processes and applications for H2,” Wiemann added.

“Around the world, new projects, policies and investments are initiated in response to the role that H2 will play in the energy sector,” said Dipl.-Kfm. Olav Carlsen, CFO of Hydrogen Rise.

“We are very interested in participating in these technological and academic developments around H2 and its diverse potential applications in Oman,” said professor Dr.-Ing. 

“It is essential to understand the economic and social benefits of a H2 economy around the world and specifically for Oman. With its potential for renewable energy production, our country is very well positioned to play a leading role in the future energy transition and we are looking forward to working with Hydrogen Rise in analysing and presenting these opportunities in the coming months,” Dr.-Ing continued.

Together with technology expert companies Hydrogen Rise AG develops solutions for the complete H2 value chain from its production, storage, distribution and usage. The company focuses on the development of H2 industries in combination with the building of technological and academic competencies as well as continuous research in all fields of the Hydrogen Economy. This includes the planning and testing of pilot systems for the H2 production, distribution and usage. 

The mission of Hydrogen Rise is to develop the technical, academic and economic solutions in partnerships with the industry and the academia of those markets in which H2 value chains are established. The company headquarters are in Munich, Germany and a representation office in Muscat will be established next year.

GUtech & Hydrogen Rise sign MoU

GUtech & Hydrogen Rise sign MoU