Air Liquide sees its hydrogen revenues trebling by 2035, driven by investment of around €8bn in the low-carbon hydrogen supply chain and contributing to the development of a low-carbon hydrogen ecosystem for the industry and clean mobility.

That’s what Peter Mackey, Air Liquide’s Vice-President of Strategy & Policy Support for Hydrogen Energy told gasworld’s Virtual Europe Industrial Gas Summit 2021 today (27th April), when he focused on all things green hydrogen.

Speaking of the industrial gas giant’s clean energy goals, Mackey also told the audience that Air Liquide hopes to construct, or be constructing, three gigawatts of electrolyser capacity by 2030. “Low-carbon hydrogen is necessary to decarbonise existing industrial uses and markets,” he told attendees.

“Air Liquide, as well as our industrial gas peers, is working hard on developing new technologies and partnerships to deploy renewable and low-carbon hydrogen to address the corresponding markets.”

“Under the terms of the Paris agreement, we need to get the world to net zero by 2050. We’ve also seen 75 countries, representing over half the world’s GDP, announce net zero carbon emissions by 2050, or in the case of China by 2060. Further to that, we’ve seen that over 20 countries now have legislated to ban the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035.”

“Air Liquide has recently announced new climate objectives with a target on carbon neutrality by 2050,  consistent with the Paris agreement. I think that, at the moment, this is the most ambitious in the industrial gas space. Further to that, Air Liquide has an intermediate target to reduce its CO2 emissions by a third in absolute terms by 2035.”

Shifting away from a focus on Air Liquide’s hydrogen hopes, Mackey went on to focus as the hydrogen ecosystem as a whole. Of course, the development of a hydrogen society has seen many new companies emerge in the sector – but where do the industrial gas players come into the development of a clean energies economy? That’s exactly what Mackey discussed today.

”Air Liquide believes that the industrial gases industry has a critical role to play in this ecosystem. We recognise that the development of the hydrogen energy market is attracting many new entrants, while the historical  industrial gas players already have the experience of handling both gaseous and liquid hydrogen. The latter is one of the key aspects to transport large quantities of hydrogen around the world.”

“The industry has the experience of handling the molecule safely , and it’s therefore critically important that we share the fact that it’s in everyone’s interest to operate safely in these new markets where hydrogen becomes accessible to the general consumer.”

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