The European Biogas Association hopes to have 45GW of installed biomethane capacity across Europe by 2030, said Harmen Dekker, Director of the Association at gasworld’s Virtual Europe Industrial Gases summit today (27th April).

Sharing his knowledge of biomethane with the audience, Dekker said that there are currently more than 18,000 biogas plants in Europe and this number is continuing to grow.

Based in Brussels, the European Biogas Association represents around about 7000 stakeholders across Europe, but also some stakeholders which are across the oceans in Asia and even in South America – Dekker pointed out that such locations are now looking to see at how they can grow the biogas sector.

Looking at how biomethane and biogas can transform certain sectors, Dekker showcased its capabilities to achieve negative carbon emissions – something which he said is not possible with any other renewable gas.

“If you look at what biomethane can do, it can create negative zero emissions,” he said. “Of course, in terms of transportation, there is CO2 coming out of the tailpipe, but it is biogenic CO2 which is coming out of the total lifecycle of biogas. Therefore, we are actually providing a negative CO2 footprint – and no other gas or renewable gas can do that. We have a huge advantage.”

Dekker said that the European Biogas Association sees biomethane making a big impact on the heavy-duty maritime sector. “Why? Because we don’t need as much space to carry much more energy than all the other solutions,” he said.

“Biomethane is available and scalable,” he continued. “We will use this [biogas and biomethane] in building industry power and transport and it will give staggering savings on the greenhouse gas emissions and it will create a lot of jobs as well at the same time.”

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