The South Sumatran government has announced an integrated zero-emission hydrogen (H2) power and mobility infrastructure deal for the Asian Games when Indonesia plays host to the sporting event in 2018.

His Excellency Alex Noerdin, Governor of South Sumatra, has agreed a deal with clean energy solution company IMS ECUBES to provide a comprehensive range of zero-carbon energy infrastructure which will underpin the sports competition.

Under the deal, of which financial details were not disclosed, IMS ECUBES will deliver H2 storage and power management, fuel cell power generation management and zero-emission H2 fuel cell mobility.

”It will demonstrate…that H2-based solutions can be deployed at least as quickly as other alternatives”

Dr. Ben Todd, Chief Technical Officer, IMS ECUBES

Dr. Ben Todd, Chief Technical Officer of IMS ECUBES, instilled, “This is a significant milestone in the adoption of H2 technologies for large-scale power generation and supply, and evidence South Sumatra’s ambition and vision – not just for the Asian Games but for a longer-term, sustainable future.”

Todd went on to express his confidence in the role of H2-based solutions within the global energy mix and added, “It will also demonstrate, given the challenging, sub-two-year timescale for delivery, that H2-based solutions can be deployed at least as quickly as other alternatives.”

Over 45 Asian nations will participate in the 18th Asian Games, which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 18th August to 2nd September 2018.