SAES Pure Gas Inc., an ultra high-purity gas purification equipment supplier, has signed a technology licensing agreement with New York-based Chemical Design Inc. (CDI), for cryogenic hydrogen (H2) purification.

Under this new agreement, the combined portfolios mean that SAES Pure Gas now owns the largest range of H2 purifiers in the world, including cryogenic, palladium membrane, adsorber and getter technologies.

Although financial details were not disclosed, it is understood that SAES Pure Gas plans on utilising CDI’s expertise in this field and its significant installed base of cryogenic purifiers that are already running in many countries throughout the world.

Tim Johnson, CEO of California-based SAES Pure Gas, underlined, “We are thrilled about the opportunity of working with CDI in this field of H2 purification that was missing from our H2 purifier technology portfolio.”

“Combining CDI’s sound experience and SAES Pure Gas’ Ultra-High-Purity gas purification expertise we embrace the opportunity to service the rapidly growing hydrogen market.”


SAES Pure Gas is the world leader in gas purification technology, developing ultra-high pure gas-handling equipment and supplying gas purifiers for a wide range of bulk and specialty gas applications.

CDI specialises in separation and purification in various industries, including air separation, liquefied natural gas (LNG) production and H2 recovery, which are supplied as completely assembled plant modules and shipped worldwide.