Californian leak detection and gas monitoring solutions provider H2Scan has introduced new automated sensor manufacturing (ASM) capability, a system which combines hardware and custom-built software to automatically track, calibrate and analyse H2Scan sensors throughout the production process.

The automated calibration system reduces the time needed for sensor calibration to less than a third than what was previously required, significantly impacting product delivery times and overall manufacturing efficiency.

Dennis Reid, President, CEO and Founder of H2Scan, said, “The ASM technology is augmenting a highly manual calibration and testing process, reducing the amount of manual labour and time required to ensure conditions are properly and consistently prepared and on time.”

“ASM eliminates 90% of the manual labour associated with producing our sensors, delivering predictable, consistent results with minimal technician or engineering involvement.”

The system coordinates data collected both periodically and at the end of each test condition and analyses the collected data to determine sensor health and whether each sensor is within spec at the end of the process.

ASM also allows calibration processes to be maintained outside of code and changed by engineering as necessary to respond quickly to hardware, firmware, or strategic changes.

H2Scan worked with engineering and R&D services company Altran to develop the customised system. The first version of the ASM system is in the final stages of acceptance testing.

Dave Meyers, General Manager of Altran’s Innovative Product Development, said, “H2Scan’s Gen5 technology brings real-time hydrogen monitoring and high accuracy to distribution transformers and aligns well with Altran’s expertise in the digital transformation of the energy market.”