After about 12 months of thorough technical and commercial evaluation, H2V INDUSTRY has chosen Hydrogen Pro as a partner for a project in Dunkerque, France.

The ‘Les Hauts de France’ project, an ambitious ‘Power to Gas’ project, aims to build five massive hydrogen (H2) production units (100 MW each) over a five-year period.

For the first operational unit by the end of 2021, Hydrogen Pro will supply turnkey electrolysers under the authority of H2V INDUSTRY, an integrator specialising in the engineering and development of massive H2 production plants.



“I’m excited to work with a partner like Hydrogen Pro. From the first day, they have been very attentive to our requests and open to their offers, which is a key factor in the selection process and looks very promising for the future,” said Jean-Marc Leonhardt, Director of Operations of H2V INDUSTRY.

According to Hans Jörg FELL, Technical Director of Hydrogen Pro, the agreement with H2V INDUSTRY is an excellent support for the performance of its technology.

H2V INDUSTRY has secured a firm order for the engineering of the electrolysis system. The purchase order for the first 100 MW unit will be confirmed once the authorisation process is complete.



For its part, Hydrogen Pro will build an electrolyser manufacturing plant in Les Hauts de France region, for European needs.

“This opportunity certainly opens new horizons. Having a French manufacturer of electrolysers, with the creation of more than 300 jobs, including those generated by the H2V project, is an important lever to accelerate the development of the H2 economy in France, it’s the conviction of Lucien MALLET, CEO and founder of H2V INDUSTRY.

Richard Espeseth, CEO of Hydrogen Pro, concluded, “The partnership with H2V INDUSTRY fits perfectly with our European development plans. Our electrolysers are well established in the world and we plan to develop our activity in Europe. We had already considered a European manufacturing base and H2V INDUSTRY gave us the opportunity to reinforce our decision.”