To address customer’s needs for green hydrogen (H2) related to the growing global trend of decarbonisation, H2V Industry has revealed plans to establish factories in France to support Europe’s energy transition.

These factories, located near Le Havre and Loon Plagne in France, will focus on the mass production of H2 via the electrolysis of water, thereby delivering green H2 at a zero-carbon footprint. 

The French company awarded GE Power’s Grid Solutions business a contract for the turnkey supply of two 225 kV/30 kV electrical substations. These substations will feed the first 100 MW H2V INDUSTRY production units of the Port-Jérôme factories near Le Havre (76-Normandie) and Loon Plage near Dunkirk (Dunkerque, 59-Nord).

Recognised as a critical contributor to the energy transition’s success, green H2 is the most abundant element on earth and plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Green H2 contains up to three times more energy per unit mass than diesel, and two and a half times more than natural gas.

“We are pleased to work with GE’s Grid Solutions because of its undisputed expertise, renowned reliability across the globe, its reputation and quality products. Bringing together our respective competencies is a win-win for both companies,” said Lucien Mallet, H2V Industry CEO.

“As the grid is becoming increasingly complex, integrating more renewable energy sources and more storage, we are pleased to partner with H2V Industry on this exciting initiative. A major enabler in the production and transmission of green energy, this contract with H2V Industry is part of our global strategy to help transform energy networks,” said Julien Pelcot, GE’s Grid Solutions Sales Director, France/Belux.


Source: GE Power