Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has delivered its biggest ever cryogenic propellant tank, C23-LH2, to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

Assisting ISRO space programmes for the past five decades, HAL has supplied critical structures, tanks and satellite structures for the PSLV GSLV-MkII and GSLV-MkIII launch vehicles.

According to a statement from HAL, the C32-LH2 tank is a developmental cryogenic propellant tank of aluminium alloy, designed for improving the payload capability of ISRO’s GSLV MK-III launching vehicle. 

“The four-meter diametric tank is of eight meter length to lead 5755kg propellant in the 89 cubic meter volume,” HAL said in a statement.

“Total length of weld carried out in the tank was 115m at different stages to the quality requirement of 100% tests on radiography, die penetrant check and leak proof.”

“HAL has mastered the skills and technologies required for fabricating welding propellant tank of aluminium ally to such stringent quality requirements.”