The Topsøe family and Haldor Topsoe have initiated a search process to find a potential investor in order to accelerate growth.

Haldor Topsoe is in a strong market position after a period of restructuring and preparing the platform for future growth.

“We wish to strengthen our capital base by inviting one or more financial partners to invest in Haldor Topsoe with a long-term intention to list the company. We believe, that long-term majority shareholders combined with minority shareholders on the stock exchange is proven to be a very strong ownership structure for resilient and profitable development. Our ambition is to grow organically and potentially also drive growth through acquisitions,” said Jeppe Christiansen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Haldor Topsoe.

The Danish company said it is the intention to list the shares in Haldor Topsoe at a later time. The group is currently 100% family owned through Haldor Topsoe Holding.

It is the intention that a future financial minority partner can own a significant share of the company with an option of an initial public offering (IPO) after five to seven years. Haldor Topsoe Holding will continue as the long-term majority shareholder.

“Haldor Topsoe is extremely precious to the family and we want to make sure the company is in the best possible position to grow and develop. We believe that inviting one or more investors on board, on terms acceptable to us, will enable Haldor Topsoe to accelerate the development of solutions that can further strengthen the business and make a positive difference in the world,” says Jakob Haldor Topsøe, Chairman of Haldor Topsoe Holding.

The range of search will be selective but not limited to a specific type of investor. SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken) and Citi (Citigroup Inc.) have been appointed as advisors for the search process.

About Haldor Topsoe

Haldor Topsoe is a world leader in high-performance catalysts and proprietary technologies for the chemical and refining industries. Based on cutting-edge research and development, it help customers achieve optimal performance in all phases from design to daily operations – in the most responsible way. Topsoe is headquartered in Denmark and serves customers across the globe. The company has more than 2,300 employees.