Spanish liquefied natural gas (LNG) service station manufacturer, HAM Group (HAM), is celebrating the delivery of its 100th LNG service station.

According to a recent study by NGVA Europe, the Association of Natural Gas and Biogas Vehicles, HAM designs, builds and implements 1 in every 4 of Europe’s LNG stations, making it one of the most prolific such companies in Europe.

With an aim to tackle polluting emissions from their fleet, HAM see the use of LNG in transportation as an important catalyst for climate neutrality. In the year 2000 the company acquired 10 LNG powered trucks from the US and began building the first vehicular LNG plant in Europe for the refuelling of these vehicles.

In a statement, the company said, “We continue to bet on Vehicular Natural Gas, a rapidly developing market with great potential to achieve the decarbonisation of road transport.”

“At Grupo HAM we continue to work and innovate, always working in direct contact with our customers to offer the best products and services that adapt to their real energy needs.”

At their Spanish and Italian facilities, the company design, manufacture, and operature all equipment required to optimise the process. This includes bio CNG compression, bio LNG liquefaction, transportation through virtual gas pipelines and the sale of biomethane at service stations.

Always looking to develop new concepts of fixed and mobile service stations, HAM is intent on expanding the LNG infrastructure with a strong commitment to the future of BIO LNG and creating a negative carbon footprint.