In a bid to expand the scope of liquefied natural gas (LNG) refuelling in South America, HAM Group subsidiary HAM Chile (HAM) is taking charge of the design, construction, and commissioning of an LNG service station to be open to the public in Tabolango, Valparaíso region, Chile.

Together with South American energy company Empresas Lipigas (Lipigas) and service station owner Transportes Transviña, HAM aims to improve the sustainability of transport by promoting the use of LNG, a fuel that emits fewer harmful emissions through its lifecycle than conventional fuel. 

Revealing that the new station will connect the regions of Valparaíso and Maule through the means of transport with ‘cleaner energy’, Esteban Rodriguez, Manager of LNG, Biofuels and Green Hydrogen, Lipigas, added, “Our objective of having a green transport corridor at the national level is advancing rapidly and we hope to soon implement new stations that will be added to this one and the one in Linares.” 

Over the past 18 months cryogenic equipment specialist HAM Group has accelerated the delivery of its LNG refuelling stations. 

Having already opened numerous stations across Spain and France, in September 2021 its Chilean group worked with Lipigas to establish Chile’s first ever LNG station, which reduced CO2 emissions by 800 tonnes per year.