Hangzhou Fortune Group (Fortune Engineering) in the Zhejiang province of China has successfully delivered its first batch of major equipment for an air separation unit (ASU) in Inner Mongolia for Wulan Coal Group Corporation Limited.

The contract was signed in 2013 for three sets of ASUs, each with a production capacity of 63,000 Nm3/h of gaseous oxygen.

The plants, to be located in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, are for Wulan Coal’s synthetic ammonia and urea manufacturing plant and its coal-to-gas plant.

Wulan Coal Group is a major coal enterprise of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China, and one of the ‘backbone’ enterprises with revenue of more than RMB 10bn ($1.6bn).

Fortune Engineering’s first equipment delivery has now been successfully achieved (last week) and is on scheduled as required by the contract.

The company stated, “With only a handful of local companies that have manufactured the 60,000 Nm3/h class ASU, the standard of ASU manufacturing of Hangzhou Fortune has achieved an international level.”

“This is a major step that we strive for [as] our aim to be the fifth largest ASU manufacturer in the world.”