The Harris Products Group, an Ohio-based Lincoln Electric Company, has introduced hydrocarbon gas cylinder jackets to its expanded speciality gas product line.

HPG gas cylinder jacket

Source: The Harris Products Group

The cylinder jacket is designed to maintain elevate the temperature of mixed hydrocarbon gas components in applications where higher concentrations of the heavy components reduce the top pressure of the standard, elevated temperature equals elevated pressure such as natural gas pipelines.

The jacket prevents the hydrocarbon mixture from dropping below its dew point, stratifying and insulating the content from lower temperatures to prevent condensing.

Constructed of a silicon-impregnated fiberglass liner of polyester exterior, the gas cylinder jacket provides protection from the elements, and features a self-limiting heated cable to prevent overheating.

Fluoropolymer over the jacket protects the heat cable from corrosion. The D-rings have Velcro® lines for snug closures to maintain heat. All materials are approved by UL® for Class 1 Division 2, Group B, C, and D hazardous locations.