Harris Products Group is offering its compact single-stage diaphragm gas regulators for portable calibration and analyser applications involving complex gases.

Sharing if offering on Monday (19th April), the Lincoln Electric company said its Model MR5 and MR6 regulators have a small internal volume of 2.6 cubic centimetres, a compact footprint, and are lightweight.

HPG MR5 regulator

Source: Harris Products Group

Each regulator is typically used for applications involving lecture bottle use, EPA protocol standards, low-level volatile organic compound (VOC) gases and high purity gases. The regulator’s low internal volume provides ease of purging with minimal gas waste and reduces the potential of contaminants entering into the gas stream. 

“Their stainless-steel diaphragms minimise the diffusion of air into the regulator and eliminate “off-gassing” associated with elastomeric diaphragms,” the company said in a statement.

“The MR5 is brass constructed, and is suitable for non-corrosive gas service, while the MR6 is stainless steel, and can be used with mildly corrosive gases.”

All Harris compact regulators are manufactured and tested its Gainesville, Georgia, facility.