Harris Products Group has launched a new fully automatic switchover manifold system with monitoring, tracking and reporting capabilities to control and maximise gas use and expenses.

Dubbed DataSMART™, the system utilises proprietary software and advanced technology to provide users with valuable data and analytical insights to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Capable of working with low-pressure applications in analytical labs, or with high pressure applications such as laser cutting in metal fabricators, welding job shops or manufacturing, DataSMART helps companies to better utilise gas investments.

The system works with atmospheric gases and some flammable gases, sourced from bulk, cylinder or liquid dewars.

Commenting on the product launch, Randy Edenfield, Director of Engineering Equipment at Harris Products, said, “The DataSmart line of automatic switchover manifolds is the first product to offer the users a full view of their gas process for their industrial, specialty gas, and medical application, with pressure and flow monitoring, data collection, and customisable alerts that can be received anywhere in the online or connected world.”

As an automatic switchover system, DataSMART keeps the gas flowing by keeping the pressure constant when it is necessary to switch gas supply from a primary to a reserve cylinder.

For operations using liquid dewars, after switching to the secondary container DataSMART monitors the pressure on the primary cylinder. If the pressure increases, a check back feature will switch the system back to the primary source and utilise the remaining gas with pressure monitoring for both the primary and reserve sources.

DataSMART’s integrated telemetry system enables pre-set trigger points to be set that send real-time alerts and alarm notifications to avoid downtimes. The telemetry box connects to pressure transducers. Through network or GSM/SMS connectivity, the system sends alerts directly through email or text.

David Gailey, Harris Product Manager of Specialty Gas Products, added, “If you cannot measure a business process, you cannot improve upon it. We are committed to assisting customers with all gas delivery and application solutions. We developed DataSMART to help businesses utilise data to make informed decisions that will improve their operations.”