MagneGas® Corporation has announced that US distributor Harris Industrial Gases is to begin distributing its MagneGas2® fuel product for metal cutting applications.

First emerging on the gasworld radar in early 2012, MagneGas counts among its inventions a patented process that converts liquid waste into MagneGas® fuel – a hydrogen-based fuel increasingly coming to prominence as a ‘green’ alternative to acetylene.

Based near Tampa, Florida, the company has recently added MagneGas2® to its offering – made of a renewable source and boasting a higher temperature than propane, acetylene, and the original MagneGas™ – and has filed multiple patent applications surrounding its systems, processes and controls specifically related to the production of MagneGas2®, the processing of biomass into sterilised fertilizer, and other efficiency enhancements.

Now, Harris will become a distributor of MagneGas2® fuel in Northern Nevada, sourcing its fuel from MagneGas partner Placer Power, LLC of California. Harris has multiple locations throughout Northern California and recently Northern Nevada.

Ermanno Santilli, CEO of MagneGas Corporation, said of the partnership, “MagneGas2 has proven to be one of the very few differentiators in an industry where commodity gases are sold. As notoriety of our gas increases, MagneGas2 will continue to attract industrial gas distributors who have seen first-hand that our product will help them achieve their own aggressive growth strategies.”

“We are happy to welcome Harris to the growing MagneGas family of distributors.”