THE acquisition between Harsco and the Hunnebeck group, in November 2005 is reported to have a positive start.

The Hunnebeck group access service division is reporting a strong order book for its formwork equipment across key European markets, consistent with the Company\\$quot;s expectations.

In November 2005, the acquisition was expected to further accelerate the strategic growth of Harsco\\$quot;s Access Services segment, expanding it to more than $900 million in projected annual revenues.

This Quarter
Hunnebeck has secured a number of new, medium-duration formwork orders for several large-scale projects in Europe. Prominent among these are equipment rental and sales orders totalling close to $3 million for the \\$quot;Tour 1\\$quot; and \\$quot;La Granite\\$quot; multi-floor office projects in the expanding financial and commercial district of Paris known as La Défense.

Hünnebeck France is supplying a specially designed, self-climbing formwork system developed by its in-house design team as well as its Manto formwork panel system. The Granite project in particular involves several unique construction considerations, having been designed in the shape of a multi-story triangular prism with an inclined roof.

Hünnebeck\\$quot;s German operations have also started the year with a healthy work-in-hand position, one highlight being a $1 million rental package of wall formwork being supplied for a new hospital under construction in Minden in northern Germany.

Hünnebeck Italy has won a number of new rental contracts for commercial and infrastructure projects in Italy, and a substantial export order for special formwork components for the new Gilgel Gibe II 400 mw hydroelectric power plant and dam being constructed in Ethiopia.

Reflection on the positive start
\\$quot;We are particularly encouraged with the positive start that all our regions have made to the year and very excited to be part of the global Harsco family,\\$quot; said Frank Maassen, Chief Executive Officer of the Hünnebeck Group division. \\$quot;We are already working very closely with our sister companies SGB and Patent on a number of initiatives for cross-selling products and expertise which should be of mutual benefit as we go forward.\\$quot;