Harsco Corporation announced it has opened a representative office in Beijing to oversee the development of Harsco\\$quot;s future business growth in China.

The new Harsco Representative Office is located within the Central Business District in Fortune Plaza, Beijing\\$quot;s largest commercial building complex. The office is headed by Mr. Dejun Shan, an executive with more than six years of experience representing Harsco\\$quot;s interests in China.

Harsco Beijing office///Harsco

Harsco\\$quot;s presence in China spans a number of the company\\$quot;s business units. Harsco\\$quot;s MultiServ mill services division has been providing on-site, outsourced services to the Chinese steel industry for more than 15 years. The division currently serves two large Chinese steelworks, Tangshan and Hangzhou, where it provides a range of on-site material handling and other basic mill services under long-term, multi-year contracts. Harsco announced at its recent Annual Analysts Conference that it is pursuing several opportunities for additional project growth in China with other leading steel producers.

Harsco Chairman and CEO Derek C. Hathaway said, 'Setting up this centralized modest office in Beijing indicates Harsco\\$quot;s commitment to doing business in China and formalizes that part of our international growth strategy.'

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