High pressure pump and valve manufacturer Haskel has completed the construction of a dedicated pressure testing facility at its site in Sunderland, UK.

The facility will be used to test and inspect 100% of their pressurisation systems as a way to reduce the risk to Haskel employees testing those products.

The designated test area utilises lexan polycarbonate, a type of resin that is generally considered to be shatterproof.

The tests will check for gas and liquid leakage, as well as system measuring performance, to ensure that the system can withstand certain pressures and eradicate any flaws.

Customers will be able to log in to a real time live feed of the tests as they take place, with a spokesperson explaining, “Conducting testing in a single location has the added benefit of allowing Haskel to collect additional data and record testing parameters that can be given to customers in graphical format.”

Haskel holds over 70 years of experience in high-pressure, liquid and gas transfer and pressurisation technology.