Haskel has launched new technology to the market – a servo-electric driven gas booster.

Named Q-Drive, the gas booster establishes a new category of advanced electric gas boosters and promises to provide high flow rates up to 6,500 psi (450 bar).

The Q-Drive advanced electric gas boosters eliminate some of the inherent limitations with traditional pneumatic and hydraulic gas boosters, such as loud operation and lower energy efficiency. Designed with smart, Industry 4.0 technology, the gas boosters come with remote monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities and achieve low noise levels under 80 decibels.

The electric-powered units have considerable appeal for applications ranging from gas assist injection molding, gas leak testing, hydrogen fueling, and many others. Electric gas boosters also open new possibilities for the food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries that require a high-pressure, high flow rate gas for supercritical CO2 extraction.

“Compared to pneumatic gas boosters, advance servo-electric powered units use one-third of the energy and offer flow rates 10 to 20 times higher,” said George Volk, Global Director of Sales and Business Development at Haskel. “Electric units also provide energy savings due to lower cooling requirements.”

Dave Gordon, Haskel’s Global Product Manager, added, “We have shown prototypes of Q-Drive to some potential customers and they were all very impressed by all the features and capabilities of the new gas booster. Q-Drive solves gas handling issues that have never had good solutions before.”

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Source: Haskel