High pressure pump and valve manufacturer Haskel has named Aussie Fluid Power (AFP) as the newest distributor to join the Haskel network. This partnership will allow Haskel to serve a broader customer base in Western and Northern Australia.

The partnership creates a great advantage, combining the experience and reputation in superior high-pressure equipment of Haskel with the energetic spirit and knowledgeable sales team of AFP. To ensure the success of this new business opportunity, AFP has appointed a designated Haskel Product Champion to manage Haskel-related inquiries. 

Haskel’s expertise in high-pressure equipment covers a full range of products, all of which are backed by the company’s reputation for superior quality and reliability. Through the agreement with AFP, Haskel products including hydraulic power units, testing equipment and gas boosters will be more readily available to customers in the regions of Western and Northern Australia.

AFP, a young company compared to others in the industry, has quickly established itself as the market leader in Western Australia for fluid power expertise. They have placed engineering at the centre of their business model, backing all sales with a team of qualified and highly skilled engineers.

In a press release, Haskel said, ”Because AFP has manufactured solutions including standard hydraulic power units, testing equipment, specialised chemical injection systems and large flushing rigs, they are an ideal partner and distributor for Haskel’s high-pressure equipment. Haskel has also set up a diversification programme to help AFP develop the Haskel brand based on established applications and markets.”