Haskel’s Sunderland, UK, plant will be producing its new and improved hydraulically-driven gas booster, the H-Drive.

Used in hydrogen (H2) applications worldwide, the gas booster is also being used in refuelling systems for H2-powered vehicles. The use of H2 as a clean fuel for vehicles of the future is growing in popularity and the worldwide market is forecast to grow strongly over the next few years.

The high-pressure specialist, part of Accudyne Industries, has driven the innovative changes to the gas booster by working closely with existing customers on advanced engineering technology to ensure the customer can have complete confidence in the lifetime performance of the booster, and at the same time making it user-friendly.

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Source: Haskel

The hydraulic driven gas booster is an integral part of refuelling stations for the expanding market for H2-powered buses, cars, government and other vehicles, such as forklift trucks.

Stephen Learney, Haskel Global General Manager, said, “Haskel’s Sunderland plant has 40 years of expertise in producing high quality gas boosters suitable for use in H2 gas applications. Many are being used in R&D facilities around the world involved in the development of H2 as a fuel.

“Laboratory-based R&D work has been transitioning to real applications in recent years. H2 fuelled vehicles are a developing market, especially in municipal vehicles where they have already gained traction in Europe.”

“There are even bigger markets in the Asia which are still developing. The new gas booster is an important improvement to our current product with major benefits to customers.”

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Source: Haskel

H2-powered vehicles are the latest technology to make use of Haskel’s specialist skills. The established brand is well known for manufacturing equipment that can handle gases and liquids safely for clients in the oil, gas, energy and defence sectors worldwide. Its engineers have a strong track-record in tackling specific problems for customers to create systems able to solve their particular issues.

It is forecast that H2-powered cars could make up half of the UK automotive market by the middle of the century. There is heavy investment in the technology in the UK, where it is considered as one of the main alternatives to fossil fuels. Hydrogen is a greener fuel because its only by-product is water.