After a successful period as CEO of Yara International, the company has declared that Thorleif Enger will retire from his position to be replaced by Jørgen Ole Haslestad, who will become the new CEO of Yara effective as of September 2008.

Enger will step down at his desired retirement age of 65 years and Jørgen Ole Haslestad comes in to Yara from Siemens, where he was recently named one of a new group of 15 CEO’s to oversee the conglomerate’s operation.

Haslestad is CEO of the Industry Solutions Division with a turnover of approximately $12bn. During his 14 years at Siemens he held several senior executive positions across Asia, Americas and Europe.

Explaining the appointment, Yara Board Chairman Øivind Lund commented, “The search for a new CEO at Yara has been very thorough over the last year. Thorleif Enger has been clear on his intention to step down at age 65, and we have considered several internal and external candidates to replace Mr. Enger. We are extremely pleased with the choice of Jørgen Ole Haslestad.”

“He has both the international experience, a successful track record running global multi-billion dollar businesses and a strong knowledge of Yara as a long-term board member. He brings both inside knowledge and outside experience when he joins the company on a full-time basis in September.”

Outgoing CEO Enger expressed his delight at the opportunity to have held the position in recent years and also conveyed his agreement with the choice of successor. He said, “The opportunity to lead the business for more than 9 years and the last 4 as a listed company has been a great experience. We have made a lot of progress and the company is in a strong position for further growth and development. We have a very experienced and competent organisation and management team and I am very pleased with the choice of Jørgen Ole Haslestad as the next CEO of Yara.”

Enger, it is believed, will continue in his role as President of the IFA - The International Fertiliser Association.

Incoming CEO Haslestad had a few words for his appointment as he said, “Having spent 14 years abroad, I am delighted to come home and run one of Norway’s most exciting and expansive international companies. I have followed the company close up as a member of the board for four years. Coming from a farming family and being a farmer still, I have deep respect for our natural heritage and a strong commitment to creating sustainable solutions.”