Haun Welding Supply and Speciality Gases has appointed Josh Haun and Erich Haun as Co-Presidents, making Haun a fourth generation owned and operated company.

Having both served in multiple roles within the company, the duo is very familiar with business operations and will be a fresh new perspective into the President role.

On the news, Josh Haun said, “It’s really exciting for me to now be in this position to be able to guide [Haun Welding Supply], along with Erich, into our next phase.”

As a result of the news, Mark Haun, President of Emeritus, will now take on an advisory role in the company while he prepares for retirement.

Erich Haun added, “It’s been a good opportunity to not lose Mark’s knowledge and experience, to be able to feed off him and have him support us while Josh and I assume the role of Co-President.”