Heligon’s concentrated solar power and solid media thermal storage systems are set to be combined with CarbonCapture’s carbon removal technology as part of a new collaboration unveiled today (23rd Dec).

Focused on sustainably powered direct air capture (DAC) facilities, the partnership hopes to both efficiently and cost-effectively harness the industrial heat production capabilities of Heligon technology in CarbonCapture’s systems.

Adrian Corless, CEO of CarbonCapture, said, “Heliogen’s revolutionary concentrated solar systems pair well with our breakthrough DAC technology — they are both modular, so they can be quickly sited and rapidly scaled.” 

“Providing clean energy to our DAC systems allows for highly efficient carbon removal—which is exactly what’s needed to maximise our ability to mitigate the effects of climate change.”

Bill Gross, CEO of Heliogen, added, “My goal in starting Heliogen was to improve the planet for my kids, and future generations, by producing clean energy to power industry.”

“I am excited to bring the complementary technologies of CarbonCapture and Heliogen together. DAC will be an important tool in the removal of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere, and the reversal of some of the worst impacts of climate change.”

“Powering that effort through clean, reliable, and near-always available solar generated power and heat multiplies the good we